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 Watch the video for a great hack to instantly calculate your shower tile costs.

I understand how overwhelming a bathroom renovation can be.

It's impossible to create a budget when you don't know all of your material costs, what you should be spending on each item, or even all of the materials you will need.

I have a solution for you.

I created a downloadable tool that organizes, budgets, gives product links and informs you on mid-range costs for all of your bathroom materials.  From thermostatic valves to tubs, I've got you covered.

It is called the Bathroom Planning Worksheet, and it's a smart spreadsheet. Simply input the material cost and how much you will need, and the sheet will calculate it and give you an updated item total and project cost.

The best part is this tool is totally free. I added this tool to the Units section in my free Facebook community. Join and you can ask questions, be inspired by other's projects and get support in your renovation.

Click the link to join my community and get your Bathroom Planning Worksheet. Download it to your computer, or open it with Google Sheets so that you can access it anywhere, in real time when you are shopping and need it most.