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Pinterest Fail. How inspiration images are ruining your home renovation.

You have a home with a room that needs updating, but you don't know where to start. So you go online seeking inspiration. You collect images, create boards and go down quite a few rabbit holes in your pursuit. Several days later you have the most gorgeous renovation planned out. That is, until you actually go look at the room that needs renovating and then you are pulled back to reality. You realize that none of your boards actually work, and that you have to start from scratch.

Or even worse, you meet with a contractor, show him your images and he tries to recreate your vision. The problem is that when it is completed you don't see your vision at all. Instead you see a a fun-house mirror reflection of what you expected, with proportions are off, a space that feels crowded and a flow that just doesn't work.

Want to know the secret to avoid this heartache? The best way to have the results that you love from your renovation is to focus your energy on first designing your floorplan.

Designing from inspiration images is like going to a fabric store to pick out a wedding dress without knowing the dress pattern. It's easy to choose and fall in love with delicate lace, shiny fabrics and glittering beading. But we all know that is not what makes a dress stunning - a design that complements your body is the most important part. Likewise choosing beautiful materials from other's projects will only work if you are thoughtfully placing them into a well-designed layout.

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Many times, the original layout does not provide the best function for a renovated room. The fixture sizes and the types of features that we want in our new construction are simply not accounted for in older houses. If you are going to the expense of renovating a room, you owe it to yourself to explore if there is a better way to plan the space that would make for a true transformation.

By creating your floorplan first you are able to start with a blank slate, see the true shape of the room without any fixtures and create function. I often say that we are blinded by the fixtures in a room. And it is true! It is so hard to imagine away something. The best way to really understand a space is to draw it so that you can begin balancing the proportions, designing in function and creating a flow.

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Happy Designing!