• hilaryridge

How to create a cohesive design in a world full of options.

If you are reading this you may be in a point in your interior design project where you are feeling overwhelmed with details and the number of decisions. Let me tell you - I have been there! Decision fatigue can hit at any time during the process and it can bring your project to a screeching halt, or make you choose thoughtlessly just to move forward. Please read below for my best tips to help you move through this.

Start with one thing you love.

It doesn't matter what element you choose first in the project, what matters is that you LOVE it. Go for the low hanging fruit. Envision the project and start with the one element you know you want, and make that the feature. If you don't have a feature planned yet, look online for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest or Houzz. When you look at images that you have pinned or saved, try to see what is in common with them. Do they have an open and airy feel? Start with a main element and make it light and bright. Are you drawn to rich patterns? Choose a main element to go bold with and start there. Only one element can be the star of the show in your design, so make it something you love and plan the space around it.

Have a game plan and stick to it.

I remember the first time I went to a stone yard to select marble for a project.  Instead of a white and gray Carrara marble, which is what I planned to view, I was drawn to beautiful swirling marble slabs in caramel tones and deep slate colors. I started down the rabbit hole of changing one element and then mentally changing everything in the design - and I almost let myself derail the entire vision for the project right there. 

The truth is that there isn’t one right design answer- there are many right answers. Allow yourself only one “Option B”. If you fall in love with something unexpected build a material palette around this, but only do this once. No creating options C,D,E and F.  Stay focused on your original vision and really build that out, selecting all the elements for it. Then you can contrast the two looks and see which works better for you. When you make yourself design the entire palette, you create two complete choices. It's easier to select a total look than just a single element in a scheme.  

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Happy designing!