• hilaryridge

Easy breezy spring decorating!

My mantle before as a blank slate.

Spring is in the air! This is the time of year when I open the doors, let in the spring air, and bring some of that fresh cheerful feeling into my home with spring decorations. I posted in my Facebook group, Design is in the Details Community, asking for ideas for my mantle, and one of my friends suggested faux flowers. 

Honesty, I have never gone faux, but why not try?! I learned from my florist friend, Orly Kohn, how to make absolutely beautiful faux flower designs. The key is to know what to buy. Flowers with more of a waxy look rather than petals made of a material look more natural.  Also, the tall sprays tend to be more realistic than individual big blooms if you can't find high quality materials when you shop. 

First, at home I tried a couple ideas with fresh flowers I had on hand to get an idea for what height and colors I liked. Then I set off to the craft store! I always buy more than I need and return what I don’t when I’m doing a project. It’s better to be over- prepared so that you can design in one shot. I kept my color palette limited- coral and green. Even though I saw some beautiful brighter pink, I knew they wouldn’t work with my scheme.

And then for the butterflies. Have you ever done something knowing that it will bring extreme joy to someone in your house? I have a seven-year-old butterfly enthusiast, and when she comes home from second grade today, her head might actually explode from the sight of monarch butterflies in the dining room. 

So what do you think? Have I inspired you to go faux?

Happy designing!


My craft store bounty, waiting to be assembled.

These monarchs are so realistic!

The completed spring mantle!