Thank you!

 Watch the video for my proven strategy to solving your floorplan so that you can begin moving through the renovation process.

I hope this video gives you direction and encouragement. I say "solving" a floorplan because it truly is like solving a puzzle. I come from a puzzling family- we group text word puzzles daily and we gift each other giant puzzles to do all winter. Maybe that is why I love space planning so much, because when you finally do find that solution it is truly gratifying.  If you can change your mindset to see this part of the design process as a puzzling challenge, it just might spur you on to keep going once you have found the first solution.

If you need to move through the floorplanning phase of the design process quickly or you would like support to ensure you are creating the best options for your project, I understand and have resources that can help.


Schedule a 15 minute phone call to chat to see if one of my courses or resources would be a good fit to support your project. Please send me your details below and the best time to contact you, and I will reach out!