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The number one, totally avoidable renovation mistake you are probably making right now...

You are in the right place if...

You spend countless hours on Pinterest and Instagram, hoping to find inspiration that will work for your project.

You research reviews of every material option, unsure if what you are selecting will last and look the way you want once it is installed.

You stare at your current bath, resigning yourself to just updating the finishes because you don't know options for a better way to lay it out.


The one mistake that causes poor renovations is so common that even contractors will recommend that you do it. But it almost always leads to a lack of functional design, an ill-fitted result and a frustrating renovation experience to boot.

There is a better way to design, and it doesn't start with Pinterest.

The images you see online when you search do not show the entire space or the true shape of the room. The architecture is not the same as in your home, and the lighting and photo enhancement make it difficult to understand what materials were actually used.  It becomes very difficult to understand and recreate the effect.

I understand that drawing a floorplan to discover the best layout for your renovation is not something that everyone has practice in.

This is why I created my signature course...

Hello, Beautiful Bath!

Layout, Look and Tile Design made simple.


I created this course to simplify your renovation process and give you stunningly beautiful results. You will learn to draw a floorplan using a free online spaceplanner so you can visually share layout ideas with your licensed building team. You will choose one of my curated bath design templates to build your look with clear parameters for size, color and materials.  When you go shopping for tile you can pull up my All About Tile guide on your phone to make sure you are getting the right materials for your project.

So what is the structure of the course? Here is the breakdown:

The course materials consist of video lessons and clearly written pdf documents with photo examples.

In the course, first I teach you how to draw a bathroom floorplan that functionally works and is beautiful through video lessons. I include pdf documents of bathroom layout examples and common building code guidelines to assist as well.  The floorplan you create will need to be verified by a licensed contractor local building inspector in your area to ensure that it meets your local building code and that it is the best solution given your existing building conditions.

Next, I break down different bathroom styles and list the types of tile materials and sizes used to create them. I include instruction for a Spa Bath, Classic Marble, and a Simple Ceramic bath all with both traditional and contemporary design options. I also include instruction in Rustic Farmhouse and Rustic Industrial styles.


When you go shopping for materials, you can bring my All About Tile guide and know which materials to ask for.  This guide gives important information for using marble, porcelain, ceramic and glass in your project. Also included is a guide to choosing shower floor tile, tile edge options and tile patterns. Lastly, I include instructions for measuring and calculating the square footage, and my recommendations for where to shop and how to order tile.


Finally, I include two lessons to give that beautiful designer look to your bathroom, All About Niches and How To Create a Tile Feature.  These guides teach the four types of tile features and how to add these gorgeous tiled elements to your project.


OPTION 1: Hello, Beautiful Bath! $197

OPTION 2: Hello, Beautiful Bath! + Custom Floorplan Design - call for quote

Many times, we don't have the luxury of time when we are beginning a renovation project. Maybe you are closing on a fixer-upper house, and need to complete the design before you move in. Maybe you have a renovation project set to begin, but you still don't have the optimal floorplan figured out. Maybe designing the layout is not your talent and you would rather focus your effort on choosing the finishes.

I created this custom option for you. After a detailed phone conversation about your needs, I will take the measurements provided and draft a stunning floorplan that highlights the architecture of your home and creates the best flow in the space. When the layout is complete, we will have a screensharing  call and I will walk you through the design options. Next, you get to skip past the entire first section of the course and move directly to choosing the design style.  You will be able to select the look you want, understand which materials are best for your project, and order the tile.

The floorplan you will receive is not a stamped architectural plan and should be used as the concept for the design.  The actual building project proposal needs to verified by your licensed contractor and your town's building inspector, and the design may change based on the requirements of your home.

Are you ready to take charge of your renovation?  I can’t wait to with work you!  Contact me to set up a 15 minute call to chat and see if one of my offerings is a good fit for you, or click the link below to enroll now!

If you base a renovation solely on inspiration images the space often will feel like a fun-house reflection of the original idea, with proportions that are off, fixture placement that fights the architecture and too many focal points.  The very first step of your renovation process needs to be drawing your floorplan.

It is almost impossible to see the true shape and character of the room when you are standing in it. You are literally blinded by the fixtures and the space they take up in the room.  You need to first understand the shape of the room and the proportion of architectural elements without any fixtures. Then you can begin balancing these details to create an amazing design. By drawing a floorplan you will be able to imagine different arrangements and understand what is possible in your renovation.  Most importantly, you will be able to discover design solutions that will make the biggest impact on your project.